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    Dongguan Changmao Paper Co., Ltd. is the first aromatherapy company to use paper towels as its carrier. The infinite


    possibilities of portable aromas on the human respiratory system and its important physical and psychological effects.


    MENTA, originated from Spanish. MENTA is the first Oriental herbal aromatherapy concept that introduced into the personal


    care tissue enterprises. By using natural pure wood pulp and environmental bamboo pulp made for high quality soft tissue,


    MENTA original add peppermint oil, through modern patent technology, the products create natural soothing, cool, calm,


    moisturizing function, and providing people more comfortable, natural health way of life.


    The history of 5,000 years of aromatherapy in China is no less than that of developed countries in the West. For thousands of


    years, we used sandalwood to wash our hearts. It is also packed in a bag for easy carrying. However, in this field, France has


    Chanel, Dior, Lancome; Britain has Bobley, Italy has Armani, Gucci; the United States has Estee Lauder. We don't have a place in


    the world famous perfume brands. The patents and trademarks in the US taste field have just been implemented, and China is


    still in the stage of academic argumentation. We are fortunate to have our own product standards in the latest and most


    cutting-edge areas. Compared with those famous brands, it is a big tree, we can't shake it. But this knight spirit is more


    valuable than perfume.

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